14 hours ago

Nothing but great shows with our friends from Pretty Maids so far. Bremen, Aschaffenburg and Regensburg rocked big time. We will all see you tomorrow in Augsburg. Yes. It is a monday night but both ... See more

5 days ago

More and more good news coming in from France! Paris no tickets available anymore. Grenoble a few left...

1 week ago

We are just hearing the Colos-Saal is sold out... Come to the closest concert in Karlsruhe (tickets are going very fast here as well) or join us anywhere else:

PRETTY MAIDS with very special guest ... See more

Danish Dynamite vs. grundsolide, badische Handarbeit - mehr geht nicht in Sachen Melodic-Heavyrock

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@[120292928168915:274:Pink Cream 69]

Freitag, 16. März ... See more

1 week ago

50 tickets to go in Paris and the Pretty Maids/Pink Cream 69-show will be sold out. Get your tickets for the rest of the tour now!

@[30781891720:274:Pretty Maids]
@[120292928168915:274:Pink Cream 69]

10 € pour les abonnés
13,99 € sur
15 € dans tous les réseaux habituels (fnac, ticketmaster, ... See more

2 weeks ago

After last year's storming album that saw them knocking it right out of the park, the sixty-niners will be sure to rock Nottingham to its very foundations. We think their only problem will be ... See more

2 weeks ago

Looking forward to get back to the UK in big style.

So here's the 17 acts so far...

3 weeks ago

Welcome back home Monsters of Rock Cruisers!
We hope you are all home safe, and the pleasant sway of the sea has calmed.
We can help ourselves, all we can think about is the amazing time we had with ... See more

4 weeks ago

Thank you very much Monsters Of Rock Cruise. This has been a great pleasure. 3 really good concerts (special thanks to our FOH-superman Ernst Seider who again did the impossible possible), lots of ... See more

1 month ago

Great Meet+greet yesterday on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise side by side with Y&T, Queensryche and Lynch Mob. Now getting ready for the show in the Metropolis Theatre tonight. Be there in time! We will ... See more

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